Our Process

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Treasure Valley Financial Planning is a retirement planning firm with over seventy years of combined experience. We saw an opportunity to serve the community we love by providing a unique financial planning experience providing independent, objective, and unbiased advice. We love what we do, and it shows.

Focus on retirement income strategies for pre-retirees and retirees

We focus exclusively on helping people to retire confidently and stay confidently retired. There are critical financial decisions to be made and we help our clients navigate these complex issues so they can enjoy life and focus on doing the things that matter most.

The 360 Process

We've developed the TVFP 360 Process to ensure all areas of your financial life are covered. Our clients need more than just investment management. They want a five-pillar approach that considers Retirement Income, Estate, and Tax Planning as well as Risk and Investment Management

Active Investment Management

A winning investment strategy is based on facts, not emotions, predictions, or economic theories. We use research and tools to help see "what is," not "what might be" nor "what ought to be." We use this information to prosper when markets are favorable but become defensive when appropriate.

15 - 30 Minutes

Learn More Call
This initial call will give us a chance to make sure our expertise matches your needs.

60 - 90 Minutes

Discovery Meeting
A deeper dive to clarify your goals, concerns, and unique financial circumstances.

60 - 90 Minutes

Get Organized
A meeting to bring all aspects of your financial life into one clear picture & discuss a variety of retirement income approaches.

60 - 90 Minutes

Action Plan
Provide you an easy-to-understand, one-page action plan outlining exactly what you need to do to move forward.

60 - 90 Minutes

Officially hire our team to begin implementation of the items in your Action Plan.

60 Minutes

A check in to ensure accounts are set up properly and answer any additional questions you have.

The TVFP 360 Process
Annual Preview Meeting
A preview of the next 12 months to identify opportunities and adjust your plan based on your current situation.

Tax Prep & Filing
Coordination with our tax experts to ensure accurate tax filing.

Tax Review
A review of your completed tax returns to ensure nothing was missed.

6 Month Check-in
Investment review plus risk management or estate planning.

Fall Tax Strategy
Review & implement tax strategies by the year’s end to minimize your lifetime tax bill.