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Ready For An Investment Strategy  

BEYOND BUY, HOld........and hope?

Investment Management

In today's world, crafting a low-cost and diversified investment portfolio is commonplace. However, expecting to ride the ups and downs of the roller coaster in a traditional buy-and-hold strategy isn't good enough. We go above & beyond because there is a better way, and we'll show you how.

For our model, we drew inspiration from an advanced statistical metric used in baseball. Baseball statisticians have a metric called Wins Above Replacement (WAR). It’s a way of scoring a player based upon their position.

 It condenses many traditional statistics into one number that represents an individual player’s ability to provide team wins over the average replacement. Players with a positive number provide value over the average player.

We use the following criteria to score the vast universe of funds available to invest in. This allows us to keep the best "players" on the field. We will rotate our lineup as needed to give us the best opportunities to win. 

TVFP Dynamic Intelligent Portfolios

Assets Managed By TVFP
First 500k
Next 500k - 1MNext 1M - 3MNext 3M +
Annual Fee1.5%1.25%0.95%0.75%

Excess Return

Does the fund provide returns in excess of the benchmark?


Does the entire cost, not just expense
ratio, justify its value added?


Does the fund provide risk-adjusted
returns in excess of the benchmark?

Risk Variance

Does the fund have risk in excess of
the benchmark?

Capture Adjustment

Does the fund add value in positive
and/or negative markets?

Tracking Error

Does the excess return compensate for
the variation of returns it has to its