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Unparalleled Estate & Tax Planning


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Treasure Valley Financial Planning is a fiduciary comprehensive retirement planning firm with over seventy years of combined experience. We saw an opportunity to serve the community we love by providing a unique financial planning experience free of conflicts of interest. We provide independent, objective, and unbiased advice. We love what we do, and it shows.

We focus on helping those seeking to retire confidently and those who want to stay confidently retired. During this time, there are critical financial decisions to be made. We help our clients navigate these complex issues so they can enjoy their life doing the things that matter most. We've developed the TVFP 360 Model to ensure all areas of your life feel secure.

Our clients need more than just investment management. They want a five-pillar approach that considers Retirement Planning, Investment Management, Estate Planning, Tax Planning, & Risk Management. They want a team that provides a truly holistic and proactive solution so they can pursue peaceful prosperity in retirement. Learn about our unique process. We are sensitive to investment management costs and provide a fully transparent and easily understandable fee schedule.

Most importantly, we are great listeners. We partner with you only after fully understanding your situation and concerns. We look forward to the opportunity to build a life-long relationship with you. 

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JT Belnap

Financial Advisor

JT Belnap, Financial Advisor


Clients describe JT as passionate, caring & creative. Jonathan “JT” Belnap is a native Idahoan who takes great pride in being able to live and work in the beautiful Treasure Valley. He is married with five children. He met his wife in choir class, and they have instilled a love for music in their family. They do almost everything together, including supporting each other in all extracurricular activities and celebrating holidays. A favorite is dressing up for Halloween every year in a family “theme.” JT loves to cook, and his family gets to try out all of his concoctions. He is active in church and community functions. He is a graduate of Boise State University – Go Broncos!

With nearly a decade of financial planning experience, JT co-founded Treasure Valley Financial Planning in 2018 to help Treasure Valley residents preparing for retirement. As a fiduciary and without conflicts of interest, he provides objective advice that is in his clients’ best interests. He offers holistic advice, well beyond investment management. His clients know he will roll up his sleeves to come up with creative solutions to almost any financial issue. They find comfort knowing they can trust him to be there when it matters most. Read about his commitments to clients here. JT’s most rewarding experiences come when he helps his clients think of an idea that they had never thought of before, or thought was even possible. His clients appreciate that he is honest and is a “get it done” person. His office is conveniently located in the heart of the Treasure Valley, right off of the Eagle road exit in Meridian. 


David Morrison Photo
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David Morrison

CFP® - Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

David Morrison, CFP® - Certified Financial Planner™ Professional


David "Dave" Morrison is a native Idahoan raised in Meridian. Shortly after graduating high school, he moved to Scotland, where he saw a world beyond anything he could have imagined. Upon returning to the U.S., he fulfilled a lifelong dream by joining the Marines, where he quickly climbed the ranks to Sergeant. His next adventure found him flying in helicopters and fighting wildland fires for the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management during summer breaks from his studies at Boise State University. He met his wife, Tessa, in 2009, and they were married in 2015. They enjoy spending time outdoors with their two Vizsla's and German Shorthair Pointer. 

When presented with the opportunity to transfer the skills he learned as a Marine and firefighter to the world of personal finance in 2008, an area that had captured his curiosity from an early age, he jumped at it. Over the years, Dave has developed a reputation amongst friends, family, and clients for being "the voice of reason." He hopes to merge an empathetic ear with a calm, analytical mind to help guide his clients through a world of increasing complexity. 

Dave will take you through a decision-making process to make better decisions for your specific goals and circumstances. This process aims to take away the fear of not knowing if you're going to be okay and instead give you the confidence to focus your time and attention on the things that matter most.

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Patrick Collins Photo
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Patrick Collins

CRPC®, APMA®, M.B.A. - Financial Advisor

Patrick Collins, CRPC® , APMA®, M.B.A. - Financial Advisor


“Why did I wait so long,” and “I wish I had done this years ago” are two things I commonly hear from clients once they see just how manageable it is for them to take control of their financial futures.  I help them do this by developing a straightforward plan of action based on a deep commitment to their best interests and an appreciation of the importance of realizing their financial dreams.  

It’s the rare exception in life to try something new and get it right the first time.  Unfortunately, we only get one shot at most of our financial goals.  I help my clients identify and do the things that will maximize their opportunity for success by providing them with clearly defined actionable steps and guiding them through implementation.

Simply put, I chose this career because it allowed me to make a measurable difference in peoples’ lives, which, to be honest, provides me with a profound sense of satisfaction.   I consider myself very fortunate to have this opportunity.

What I do, more than anything else, is help my clients decide to help themselves.  For most people, planning their financial future feels like a significant burden.  It seems complicated, time-consuming, and, quite frankly, not very fun.  While we recognize the critical importance of planning, we tend to put it off until tomorrow.  Before we know it, years have passed.  Unfortunately, the longer we wait to plan, the more difficult it becomes to achieve our goals.  I help clients see past the perceived veil of complexity and simplify the process of acting now.    

While I enjoy working with a wide variety of people, I am best able to help those who plan on retiring soon or who have recently retired.  I help these people coordinate a lifetime of savings and income streams, such as pensions and Social Security, so they can retire comfortably with confidence and stay comfortably retired.  

Other than the four years I attended the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!), and the two years I attended graduate school in Arizona, I have lived my entire life in the Treasure Valley.   Idaho is a special place with very special people.  While I have had many opportunities to work and live elsewhere, being here, the place I love, has always trumped those opportunities.  My wife, Jill, and I have two children and are relatively recent empty nesters.  In my spare time, I can be found in the mountains and deserts of Idaho, the places where I am truly the happiest.

After a 19-year career at a high-tech company and starting my own business, I came to the realization I had no real financial plan.  As I began considering my options, I became more and more intrigued by this field.  I had always taken great pleasure in helping others and had honed my problem solving through the various professional roles I had assumed over the years.  I realized I could combine these and help others take the action I had waited so long to take.  Becoming a financial planner was the best decision I ever made.  I now get to work with fantastic people doing the thing I love.

Making a real difference and adding value to others’ lives is tremendously satisfying for me.  I know I have been successful in this endeavor when my clients are able to smile and say, “That was easy.”    

Take control of your financial future.  Talk to us today.

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Eugene A. DelaRosa Photo
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Eugene A. DelaRosa


Eugene A. DelaRosa, CFP® , APMA® Certified Financial Planner™ Professional


Eugene has been providing financial advice to clients for over 15 years. He became a Certified Financial Planner™ in 2008. Eugene strives to provide unbiased advice on a broad range of topics including retirement planning, investment strategies, cash management, survivor and chronic care protection, as well as tax and estate planning issues. If you have a question, Eugene will have an answer or will guide you to a solution.

Eugene and his wife live in Boise and have two adult children. When he is not helping his clients Eugene enjoys travelling and spending time in the outdoors of Idaho.

Eugene holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Stanford University in Chemical Engineering. He spent 22 years in manufacturing and research and development at Micron Technology before living the dream: helping clients set their own schedule.

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Michael Fuhriman Photo
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Michael Fuhriman


Mike Fuhriman


Mike grew up in Kuna, ID, the last of eight children. He was active in athletics and music throughout his school years, majoring in music in college. Mike met his beautiful wife in high school, and they have been blessed with eight great kids. Now that all his children are married, his family has grown to include twenty-eight grandchildren and counting!

Mike owned and operated a retail sporting goods business called Sports Shoppe with stores located in Boise, Idaho Falls, Ontario Oregon, Spokane, and Kennewick Washington. After the sale of the business, he became a financial advisor at Waddell & Reed, partnering with JT Belnap. They now have formed Treasure Valley Financial Planning and enjoy giving their clients the power to live their dreams through comprehensive financial planning. 

Mike is active in his church, loves fishing, and coached soccer for twenty years. He loves Boise State football and playing with his grandchildren. 


Rob Flagler Photo
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Rob Flagler

Operations Manager

Rob Flagler


Rob moved to the Treasure Valley in 2011 to attend Boise State University. Now graduated, Rob spends as much of his free time as possible in Idaho’s great outdoors. His favorite activities are hiking in the Sawtooth Mountains, skiing on Bogus Basin, walking his dog Ginger, and relaxing with his lovely girlfriend Alexa.

Rob takes enormous pride in his work and strives to create a client experience that promotes Treasure Valley Financial Planning’s seven standards of excellence.. He is an Eagle Scout, an active member of the Boise Young Professionals, and participates within the Idaho Historical Society. Rob’s current role as Financial Advisor comes after four years of facilitating the advisor-client relationship as an Advisor Assistant and Paraplanner. 

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Gina Nightingale Photo
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Gina Nightingale

Client Relationship Manager

Gina began with Treasure Valley Financial Planning in 2020. She was raised and still lives in Middleton, ID. She and her husband Greg, have three wonderful girls who keep them very busy with all of their various extracurricular activities. Gina is always "on-the-ball" and will do anything necessary to help our clients. She keeps us organized and on task and will be the first person you talk to when you call the office. She will help schedule your appointments and assist with any client service needs you may have.